Darth Vader Claims Land in Ukraine


In a strange turn of events, the city of Odessa in the Ukraine has been giving people who apply free land, up to 1,000 square meters, but they were shocked when an unlikely visitor came to make his claim.

In a bold move for any Star Wars fan, he entered the offices where they were accepting applications for the Black Sea plots, in full dark lord garb, but he wasn’t turned away by the guards. In fact, they kind of laughed as he introduced himself as “Darth Vader, right hand to Emperor Palpatine” and they let him proceed to fill out the application. He said that he needed the property to have a place to land his spaceship, no doubt an Imperial Shuttle. Those things do take up a ton of room. Anyway, he also stated that he felt he had a good chance of getting the land because the people were already on the Dark Side, taking cues from local critics who accused the city of corruption over the giveaway.


His ruse did have to give way at one point though, as they weren’t going to let him get the paper validated without the proper ID and taking off his mask, which he complied with. The clerk then accepted it gladly, and put it into the pile with the rest to be considered. Whether he’ll get it I guess depends on how much pull the Empire has with the mayor, who said that the whole giveaway agreement was a mistake he’s trying to rectify.

To watch his request take place, check out the video above. It’s certainly something these people will remember for a long time.
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