Kinect Star Wars Gets Release Date


We’ve had a little bit of fun and a little bit of apprehension about Kinect Star Wars over the last few months, but we are glad to hear that it has a release date now of April 3, 2012, which will include not only the game, but the Star Wars Xbox 360/Kinect Bundle.

The game, in a statement by LucasArts and Microsoft, will include a few key events as you make your way through the adventure. There will be the Jedi Destiny mode where you will go against a whole lot of enemies including those stupid droids from Phantom Menace, using your awesome lightsaber skills and Jedi force push. But if that isn’t enough for you fight wise, you can always try your hand at the Duel of Fates mode, which gives you some one on one opportunities to kick butt and take names. Podracing, which of course is featured in the Phantom Menace in 3D this week coming up, will also be included, as well as speedbikes.

Oddly enough, there wasn’t mention of the Rancor stomping, but they did talk about the Galactic Dance Off. Remember those videos we had of Darth Vader shaking his groove thing to such Michael Jackson songs as Beat It and Thriller? No? Check above. Apparently now players can join in on that fun as part of the game’s choreography area. Yes, you’ll be able to go up against the Dark Lord in a dance contest to bring order to the galaxy, or at least embarrassment to yourself. Competition will include songs from Star Wars, although hopefully those ones from the Christmas Special are still forgotten. It’s not clear whether gamers will get to play as or against Princess Leia in her slave outfit, but that might make it at least partially tolerable.

Besides the game as I said above, the even longer awaited and much more anticipated Star Wars Xbox 360/Kinect Bundle will also be available for April 3rd. The unit features a brand new blue and white coating on the game console itself, reminiscent of R2-D2, a solid white Kinect, 320GB hard drive, Kinect Star Wars, and a gold controller like C-3PO. Unfortunately for many who wanted this at Christmas, it was delayed. Not because of the console, but because they had not yet finished the game it came with. I still don’t know why they couldn’t have just given out a coupon for the game and released it back then. I know a few Star Wars fans that would have loved one under their tree. But at least it can now see retail light too.
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