Kinect Star Wars: More New Details Revealed


With an April 3rd release date, details are coming in fast and furious, so we thought we’d look at some of the latest information from the latest video that has been released from the publisher.

The new trailer out is called “Depth” and we have to admit, that it is chuck full of the goodness that we’ve been waiting to see from the game. Well, mostly what we wanted to see. It was actually painful to watch Boba Fett reduced to a dancing fool. But then anyone who has been to Star Wars Weekends in Orlando will attest, villains certainly can bust a move. No really, just check out Darth Vader on YouTube to see what I mean. Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, things we’ve been wanting to see.

Well the first scene in the trailer is an epic space battle that brings me back to the days of Tie Fighter versus X-Wing only with far more ships and stunning graphics, although I have to admit, I felt a bit tired after just watching those kids playing. Other scenes include theatrical type cuts that show the story a bit and give us a glimpse into our training regiment, which includes our favorite mentor Yoda. Training just like Luke did in the swamps of Dagobah is a nice touch. We also find that we get to meet young Obi-Wan, C3PO and others that were around during the time between Episode 1 and 2. Which leads me to believe that Darth Maul is lurking somewhere.

I think it finally dawned on someone in marketing that the game is really more about the Jedi journey and less about the mini-games that have been beaten to death during the previous trailers. This one shows that there is a pretty hearty game that we can live out our Jedi fantasies in and I actually look forward to risking heart failure to play it. I say that because I am not exactly the most active guy in the world and watching those kids duck and dart through the scenes, kind of made me tired just watching them. But no pain, no gain, right?

And like many Xbox 360 games, players can reach a bunch of different achievements for all sorts of scenarios and skills to brag to others on Xbox Live. Some of these include completing all the missions on Chewie’s home world of Kashyyyk, defeating multiple droids with one force push, getting through all the space missions without winding up like that poor soul in A New Hope at the end, and a bunch more. I did get a kick out of the names of the achievements too, many that will be appreciated by fans such as “Don’t Get Cocky!”, “It’s a Trap!” and “Well Wookie Here…”

The game is really starting to grow on me with more pertinent info… Just hope it lives up to the hype…
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