Man Uses Lightsaber to Ward off Arrest


Don’t you just hate when you are sitting there minding your own business at a Toys’R’Us, when a guy toting a Rebel Alliance lightsaber comes over and hits you with it? Well that’s exactly what happened in Portland, Oregon when a man attacked three customers, making us wonder if he was really a Sith in disguise. But then we’ve all wanted to secretly smack the lady in front of us for still using checks for her purchases at one time or another. But this guy apparently didn’t have that little Yoda in him telling him how wrong giving into the Dark Side was.

After assaulting the inhabitants in the store with plastic, he ran outside, but those inside had already called police during the incident. When cops arrived, the obvious Star Wars fan, still bitter over the loss of the Death Star perhaps, was still wielding the toy like mad and screaming things that no one could understand. Perhaps it was an old language of the empire, or perhaps he just was a bit off. We aren’t sure which.

Anyway, one officer tried to taser him, but he actually used the piece of hollow plastic to deflect the incoming wire contacts, rendering them useless. A very forceful move indeed. Qui Gon would be proud. But his defense didn’t last as police then wound up going old school on him, wrestling him to the ground and handcuffing him.

He is charged with a whole slew of things including interfering with an officer, assault, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and because he walked out of the store with the lightsaber that he didn’t pay for, theft. However, because of the oddity of the situation, the DA is holding off until they can evaluate him for mental issues.
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