Razer Star Wars: The Old Republic Gaming Peripherals


If you are a collector of all things related to the Force, you may certainly be interested in this high end set of gaming peripherals for the new MMO from LucasArts, Star Wars: The Old Republic.

The set, which Razer actually doesn’t market as a package, but as individual items, is sure to excite your senses and your friends with these cool gadgets. You won’t even need any Jedi mind tricks to get them to see the wow factor in the mouse with the metallic lines reminiscent of the Death Star, the Sith/Jedi insignia on the headset or the cool mouse mat that lets you choose which faction (dark or light side) that you fight in.

The mouse is based on the Razer Naga, which is power packed with buttons galore. 17 in all to be exact. There are 12 buttons on a 3x4 thumbpad grid on the left side and 5 other buttons on the top (including of course left, right and middle). Using the software that comes with it, you can configure these to just about anything you would want and then upload that configuration to a cloud server. Razer is really the first one to do that through their Synapse 2.0 system. But what makes it cool is that you don’t have to worry about reconfiguring the mouse if you take it over to a computer that it isn’t used to being hooked to. You just get the data back from the cloud wherever you are with internet and wallah, you are ready to go. The 16 million color light effects can also be saved via this method as well. Now the mouse isn’t cheap, but Razer mice are some of the best ones around and the Naga is no exception. And knowing that there is always a bit higher price on Star Wars stuff, the $139.99 mouse isn’t a bad deal really, especially since a standard Naga will cost you around $90 or so. Oh and one other thing. The batteries for the mouse can be regular batteries or rechargeable ones through the charger/wireless receiver that comes with it. It also has a wired mode as well. Cool, eh?

The headset itself, which is sold separately, is a 7.1 surround sound system that will let you hear when that Sith is about to get the jump on you from behind and is a real plus in games that feature directional sound. The band is a stylish metal with two hexagonal earpieces with externally magnetic surfaces designed to let you place the proper magnetic decal on it based on whichever alliance you’ve joined up with (Sith or Jedi). And like the mouse, there is a 16 million color lighting system as well. If you like yelling at your fellow gamers by voice, the boom microphone that works with adjustable tension is available to do so, providing crisp unidirectional sound. And if you don’t want them to hear your mom, wife, kids or annoying roommates, you can mute the mic or turn down the volume by using the convenient small box on the cord. Again, a bit much for a headset at $129.99, but it is what it is.

And finally, the mouse mat. The dual sided pad has the Sith design on one side, and the Jedi on the other. And even though it looks metallic, it’s not reflective at all, meaning that any optical or laser mouse should be able to track with no problem. It’s also non-slip and non-abrasive and will last under the most enduring conditions for a long time thanks to its hard coating. You can pick up the pad for $49.99 also from Razer.

There is also a keyboard we discovered, but we’ve run out of space for this article, so our next one will feature that, which like it’s brethren above has all sorts of cool Star Wars related elements to love. Until next time…
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