Star Wars News of the Galaxy for February 14, 2012


This edition features Phantom Menace 3D at the box office, Glenn Beck’s rant about George Lucas and the new Kinect Star Wars Trailer, which is actually pretty funny this time out…

Love is in the air, but not so much for the latest 3D Star Wars. It finished #4 at the Box Office this weekend, earning around $23 million. Of course, the movie has already grossed over $400 million, so it doesn’t really have anything to prove, but its lack of a higher placement could be a bad sign for future 3D conversions of the films. I guess it would depend on how the next few weeks go but it’s off to a pretty rough start.

And speaking of love for the film, Glenn Beck, who’s normally crying about the left wing democrats and Obama, has decided to dedicate a part of his show to spitting some venom towards George Lucas and most of his films. The rant, which goes on for five or six minutes, is really not anything more than a lot of fans and non-fans have screamed over and over about the rereleases. He rails about how awful the prequels were, how the acting was horrific (especially Jake Lloyd), that the tweaks were very unwelcome. And a lot of his comments are actually pretty precise. But Beck has a tendency to overdo it and he did so in this case with a comment that bothered me. He suggested that Lucas should not only get jail time for the travesty he has supposedly unleashed on the world, but that the valiant flyers portrayed in Red Tails should destroy Lucas’ house for it (if they were still around). Why? Because he says that the movie wasn’t respectful to the story that he’s aware of. But then he turns around and disrespects the very cause they were fighting for, freedom of speech among others. If he didn’t like Phantom Menace (which anyone over 15 would probably already have an opinion), then why go see it again? I am not a big Stephen King fan, so I don’t buy his books or watch his movies. So if one hates Lucas as much as this guy apparently does, why watch either Phantom Menace or Red Tails? Just go on… Anyway, enough raging about raging. You can watch the video above and decide for yourself.

And on a lighter side of the video world, LucasArts has released another trailer for Kinect Star Wars. In this one, they still don’t show any game play, but a spoof of another scene from A New Hope. This one has a reproduction of the meeting that the Death Star officers are having about using their destructive force. But instead of Vader arguing the point, they have a young teenager in his place and she can argue as well as the Dark Lord. When she finds Admiral Moff’s lack of faith disturbing, let’s just say she’s not as tolerant as the old Vader is when asked to release him. I won’t give anymore away and you should watch the video, but I did think this one was pretty funny and I was impressed in how they tried to match the actors from the original, as well as the weird camera tricks. You can check it out above.

And that’s all the news for this edition. Thanks for reading
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