Star Wars: The Old Republic Adds New PvP Warzone


There is a new important strategic location in the galaxy and that is the Novare Coast. On it, players will find three turrets that belong to the enemy. The idea is to take over these turrets and use them to your advantage, but it won’t be easy. There are a ton of factions that have the same idea and so you’ll have to work together with your team to take control of this valuable asset.

That is the general gist of the new PvP warzone in Star Wars: The Old Republic, coming in the 1.2 update. It is basically a free for all where Jedi and Sith will use their powers of the force, their blasters and their light sabers to fight their way to the other side in the get-the-flag variation. Whatever team has control of at least two of the three turrets will be victorious, but there is a time limit and so moving quickly is a plus.

Now you aren’t just out on a flat surface fighting, as if you were in that scene in Phantom Menace where the Gungans were all lined up against the Imperial troops. Strategy is important here. Just running up in a kamikaze type attitude will do nothing but get you killed. This is a place to really focus on the objective and not the chaos of blaster shots flying everywhere and with everyone trying to kill eachother. You can hide behind things, use scenery as cover, etc. The first few times you might get a bit overwhelmed at the sheer immensity of the task, but after a bit, the teams will no doubt figure out the best strategy. And as I said, team cooperation is foremost here.

The 1.2 Legacy update is coming out sometime this week and features are already available on the Public Test Server. Other update goodies include new Corellia daily missions, new gear, new vehicles, new light saber colors, new crafting schematics, ship droids can gain affection, legacy item drops, guild banks, PvP Warzone rankings, UI Customization, better textures, appearance modification capabilities, craftable augments. In addition to all that is Operation: Explosive Conflict and Flashpoint: The Lost Island. There is also an expanded Legacy System, including Legacy Family Tree, Legacy Abilities, Legacy Unlocks, Legacy Species Unlocks and more. And bug fixes too. All of it coming soon to Star Wars: The Old Republic’s server near you…
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