Star Wars Uncut: Director’s Cut


Last year, you may remember that we talked about “Star Wars Uncut”, a fan based project in which potential film makers would send in 15 second clips from any scene they chose from A New Hope. In these clips, creative people could basically do anything from making tie fighters out of cardboard and R2D2 out of a garbage can. Once all the scenes were represented, the producers edited the movie together into one glorious film. Since then, the movie, which as been okayed by Lucas and his legal eagles, has won an Emmy and became an internet sensation. But it didn’t end there. The adventure continues with a director’s cut that features some of the best scenes swapped into the original cut, creating a whole new experience for viewers.

Star Wars Uncut: The Director’s Cut is available to watch for free at their website. It’s around 2 hours long, much the same length as the original. If you don’t have that kind of time (but we highly recommend you find enough), you can peruse each scene individually. For instance, if you want to know how they hacked up the part where Leia tells Han to get the walking carpet out of her way, you can go directly there. There is even a way to see the scenes that featured a particular character. The ones with C3PO and Chewbacca were some of the funniest and most creative around.

It never ceases to amaze me how creative the population can be. If you’ve seen Robot Chicken, you’ve already got a hint of what to expect. People used every kind of media imaginable from cartoons to live action, to kids yielding toy light sabers to cardboard cutouts. Even animals got into the act. It’s really a wonderful look at not only the legacy of Star Wars, but the fun ways that people still celebrate the groundbreaking film.

If you would like to see the original, the director’s cut, or the individual 15 second clips, check out Oh, but be sure to find a time when you’ve got a while to kill and perhaps a quiet place to laugh, because once you get there, you probably won’t want to leave.
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