Star Wars: Important Safety Tips
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Here is a list of things that probably would have helped if Han, Luke and Leia and company had followed these simple common sense things

In the original Star Wars: A New Hope, at the time of the filming, there were almost no characters in the film that were not played by humans in costumes. Even in the most alien-centric scene at Mos Eisley SpacePort, it was easy to see that all of the inhabitants were people in various degrees of makeup and prosthetics. This is because it was really the only option available. Later of course, there were creatures added in via computer graphics to complete scenes Lucas had not been able to previously.

But Yoda does not appear until Empire Strike Back. His character is an integral part of the story which caused the filmmakers quite a problem. The technology to bring the diminutive character to the screen had still not been invented. Audio-animatronics, like Disney had created for their theme parks, were in the early stages at...
Star Tours: The Star Wars Ride
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In 1986, Disney was very interested in a ride where they could use a military simulator, often used for pilot training, to create an attraction in which visitors would literally ride through scenes from a film. Initially, the movie was to be Black Hole and it would follow the journey of the Cygnus through the vortex. While it sounded exciting on paper, the cost and the fact that the film had limited popularity made it very impractical. But Imagineering didn’t forget about the idea.
Here is a list of things that probably would have helped if Han, Luke, and Leia and the company had followed these simple common sense things.

1. Don’t go down a chute that smells like garbage.
2. Don’t try to shoot Darth Vader. It only makes him mad.
3. Before jumping into light speed, make sure you have fixed it.
4. Never passionately kiss your sister.
5. Don’t use galactic credits at Watto’s shop. He only takes Visa and Mastercard.
6. Never battle your opponent on...
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