Darth Vader and Son?


Imagine Luke as a small boy and his father was Darth Vader. Imagine if Obi-Wan had not hid them away and they actually grew up with their dear old dad. Would Luke and Leia have turned out differently? Would Vader have given up the dark side long ago and would he have wound up playing ball with his son. Would he have used his mind control powers to tell Luke that this was not the toy he was looking for in the toy store?

The idea is not a new one. There was a YouTube video that explored what Darth Vader would be like as a parent. There is also a meme around that has Darth Vader and Luke standing in the elevator to be taken to the emperor, with the caption “Take Your Son to Work Day.” But where Jeffrey Brown got the idea was that Google wanted to have a cartoon doodle made for father’s day that showed the lighter side of the villain. But when Google’s editorial staff in charge of all things doodle decided against it, the artist, Brown, found another avenue. He pitched the idea to Chronicle Books and they went for it, a comic book based on Darth and his four year old son. And who knows, maybe Leia might show up at least once.

Like The Far Side, the comic scenarios will be told in one panel stories that will chronicle what their relationship would have been. According to Brown, it will mirror the relationship he has with his own son, and the sometimes frustrating times of being a parent. All this, expressed through the evil being that we always consider Vader as, which is what makes it truly funny. It’s hard to even imagine Darth holding a lollipop and just walking with his son.

Now you may be wondering what the great legal eagles at Lucas are thinking about this. Well, Brown did show them the book and they gave their blessings, he says, except for a few minor things that they were a bit of a stickler on, like the Force being capitalized, but other than that, they have their blessings and thus he may now proceed. Google also gave it big thumbs up.

And so on April 18, 2012, you’ll be able to order the book, but it is on pre-order right now at Amazon for around $10.00 for the hardcover edition, which is a pretty fun deal.
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