The Most Popular Star Wars Books of Recent Years
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Whether you are a Star Wars fan or not, you probably know the popular Star Wars books that have come out in recent years. From the newest books to the old favorites, there is something for everybody to enjoy. And what is more, you can read these books without having to pay a fortune!

Luke Skywalker's journey to the stars​

Throughout his journey to the stars in the most popular Star Wars books, Luke Skywalker faces challenges and conflicts. He must choose between his own needs and the greater good of the Rebellion. But in the end, Luke becomes the Hero who brings hope to the galaxy.

Luke's journey to the stars begins with his childhood on the small farm of his Aunt and Uncle Owen. His uncle Owen purchased an astromech droid named Artoo.

Then, Luke's aunt and uncle dies in the Empire's attack. In the meantime, Yoda, a mysterious Jedi Master, comes to help him train to become a Jedi. He also teaches Luke about the Force.


How Many Star Wars Books Are There to Read?
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Considering how much fandom exists for the Star Wars franchise, it's no wonder that there are so many books to choose from. Whether you're looking for a novel about Ahsoka, or a sequel to The Empire Strikes Back, there are hundreds to choose from. But how many of them are actually worth your time?

'The Rise of Skywalker'​

'The Rise of Skywalker' is the ninth installment of the Skywalker saga. The film was released in December of 2019. It has grossed over $1 billion worldwide, and has received mixed reviews.

The film is a continuation of the "Force Awakens," which was released in 2015. It has been directed by J. J. Abrams, who has also directed The Force Awakens. The film stars Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and Oscar Isaac. It is also written by Abrams. This film has received three Academy Award nominations.

The Rise of Skywalker follows Rey. She has grown up with Luke and Finn, and has learned about her parents. She also knows that she is a...
Darth Vader and Son?
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Imagine Luke as a small boy and his father was Darth Vader. Imagine if Obi-Wan had not hid them away and they actually grew up with their dear old dad. Would Luke and Leia have turned out differently? Would Vader have given up the dark side long ago and would he have wound up playing ball with his son. Would he have used his mind control powers to tell Luke that this was not the toy he was looking for in the toy store?

The idea is not a new one. There was a YouTube video that explored what Darth Vader would be like as a parent. There is also a meme around that has Darth Vader and Luke standing in the elevator to be taken to the emperor, with the caption “Take Your Son to Work Day.” But where Jeffrey Brown got the idea was that Google wanted to have a cartoon doodle made for father’s day that showed the lighter side of the villain. But when Google’s editorial staff in charge of all things doodle decided against it, the artist, Brown, found another avenue. He...
Star Wars News from the Galaxy for March 25, 2012
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This edition we have an ad that wasn’t meant to be viral, but wound up being that, a video that the ad agency hopes will be viral, and a sneak peek at a new book from Timothy Zahn which tells the story of Han’s darker side. So let’s get into it.

A fan placed an ad for a TIE Fighter replica on Craigslist Seattle. He didn’t expect to get a lot for it, offering at it $150 or best offer. But the unique 1/3 scale model, though not incredibly detailed, became an overnight sensation when popular blogs started picking it up and it went viral. When it did, the man said that he got a ton of inquiries, both email and calls, on buying it, and while he wouldn’t say what he sold it for, it’s a pretty sure bet it was probably more than the $150. The TIE Fighter, which features a cockpit that a person can actually get in (up to 300 pounds), was originally created to help his son raise money for the church, but the fan also used it as an opportunity for a bit of a math lesson...
New Comic Books from Dark Horse Highlight Star Wars
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There are four new titles are coming out in 2012 from Dark Horse set in the Star Wars Universe and they all look to be pretty interesting. The announcements were made at the Dark Horse Star Wars panel at this year’s New York Comic-Con.

A lot of talk has been about Boba-Fett coming back from the dead after being swallowed up by the Sarlacc. But Tom Taylor, who is one of the established writers of Star Wars, plans for the bounty hunter to meet his fate a different way. Instead, he is apparently murdered in cold blood, lying in the sand with blaster holes in him. But the question that the book will ask is who would want to avenge his death, as someone steps forward to do so, someone who they weren’t revealing. Could it be his son? Or someone we didn’t even know existed? Guess we’ll find out in Star Wars Blood Wars: Boba-Fett is Dead, coming to comic book stores everywhere in April 2012.

Darth Vader always did seem to be the kind of villain that didn’t play...
Star Wars: The Blueprints Limited Edition
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There have been books with blueprints in them, mostly drawn by those who wanted to extend the creativity of the Star Wars universe, but now Lucas is releasing through Epic Books a monumental collection of the real blueprints from their archives in a cloth bound limited edition box set.

The book is actually huge in scope and in size. It weighs 35 pounds and is 15” x 18” and 336 pages. The width and height were necessary, according to editor Kristin Mehus-Roe, in order to better show the details that are in each blueprint. Of course, for the price, the large size will also be very impressive to your friends. For those pages that were still too small, there are even gateway pages that fold out, 10 in all.

What is amazing about this is the thoughts and creativity that went into these blueprints, stuff that wasn’t even necessary for the film, such as the nucleonic catalyst tank. No one knows what it does these days and why it was there, but it was. And so...
Lucas and Random House to Release Online Star Wars Books
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There have been hundreds of books that have been published by various authors that take place in the Star Wars Universe, mostly printed by Random House under license. In the 30 years since the initial volume hit the shelves, these books never seem to fade in the mind of readers, like many do, and have managed to stay in print all this time. It’s the legacy of Lucas and his ability to keep Star Wars in the mindset of generation after generation that these books remain this popular after that many years. Everybody wants to know what happened to our favorite characters besides what could be shown in the 20 hours or so of the six film episodes.

So Random House is now releasing the volumes of Star Wars fiction as electronic books (e-books). There have been a couple dozen already released, but the publisher plans to release all of them (106 different titles) by June 28th of this year. The ones that are available right now are on e-book sellers like Amazon and...
More Interesting Star Wars Stuff
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It’s time once again to look at some more interesting and cool Star Wars things that are sure to get the wallet out of your pocket, or at least a smile on your face, or a face palm. Either way, here are three items we haven’t talked about before and maybe should have.

Our first one comes from ThinkGeek. It’s a Force Trainer. It will teach you to hone your mind skills like a Jedi in order to move objects with your mind. By wearing the included headset, your mission is to lift the ball up in the tube using your brainwaves. This is based on the same type of technology as Mattel’s Mindflex which I’ll be honest with you is a bit more fun. In that one, the tube is not the only challenge, but getting the ball through rotating hoops and stuff. The Mindflex is only $55, versus $79.99 for the Force Trainer, but for the collector or fan, the coolness of Star Wars has to be factored in.

You can order it at...
Recent Star Wars Books for Every Collector
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Since 1977, people have been fascinated by the Star Wars Universe and to this day, there is still so much information to be learned and enjoyed about this classic series. Today we will look at some recent reference books that have popped up that would be perfect for your holiday gift list.

Unlike the series, the Art of Star Wars, this book goes the opposite direction. Instead of showing the conceptual artwork that was used as inspiration for set and character designs, this one asks 100 artists, to give their interpretation of any part of the Star Wars universe. What results is a rich array of visual styles and subjects such as Darth Maul as a baby and Lucas standing at the bar with a fruity drink at Mos Eisley spaceport. The artists were chosen not from just well known fantasy masters like Boris Vallejo or Julie Bell or HR Giger, but up and coming ones as well. For the lover of art, this one really is a true treasure and a great coffee table addition. This one...
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