More Interesting Star Wars Stuff


It’s time once again to look at some more interesting and cool Star Wars things that are sure to get the wallet out of your pocket, or at least a smile on your face, or a face palm. Either way, here are three items we haven’t talked about before and maybe should have.

Our first one comes from ThinkGeek. It’s a Force Trainer. It will teach you to hone your mind skills like a Jedi in order to move objects with your mind. By wearing the included headset, your mission is to lift the ball up in the tube using your brainwaves. This is based on the same type of technology as Mattel’s Mindflex which I’ll be honest with you is a bit more fun. In that one, the tube is not the only challenge, but getting the ball through rotating hoops and stuff. The Mindflex is only $55, versus $79.99 for the Force Trainer, but for the collector or fan, the coolness of Star Wars has to be factored in.

You can order it at ThinkGeek

Want people to give a second look at your car in the parking lot. Well, with this cockpit view from the Millenium Falcon with Han Solo. Chewbacca, Luke and Obi-Wan from a New Hope, your ride will definitely get their attention. It’s actually a car shade that measures 24”x52” inches (so it should fit most cars). After all, who wouldn’t want Han driving? It’s also at ThinkGeek for $19.99.

Is it someone you know’s birthday and they are a big Star Wars fan. Well now you can make them a cake that portrays Luke and Darth Vader in the battle to the finish without having to go to a professional cake maker. The kit includes two four inch figures of the Jedi and the Sith, both with light sabers that light up. Of course, the rest of the design is up to you, so some assembly is required. The cake kit is a steal at $10.99 at Amazon.

That’s it for the latest installment of interesting Star Wars stuff. See you next time.
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