The Most Popular Star Wars Books of Recent Years


Whether you are a Star Wars fan or not, you probably know the popular Star Wars books that have come out in recent years. From the newest books to the old favorites, there is something for everybody to enjoy. And what is more, you can read these books without having to pay a fortune!

Luke Skywalker's journey to the stars​

Throughout his journey to the stars in the most popular Star Wars books, Luke Skywalker faces challenges and conflicts. He must choose between his own needs and the greater good of the Rebellion. But in the end, Luke becomes the Hero who brings hope to the galaxy.

Luke's journey to the stars begins with his childhood on the small farm of his Aunt and Uncle Owen. His uncle Owen purchased an astromech droid named Artoo.

Then, Luke's aunt and uncle dies in the Empire's attack. In the meantime, Yoda, a mysterious Jedi Master, comes to help him train to become a Jedi. He also teaches Luke about the Force.

Darth Vader's lightsaber​

Whether it's Obi-Wan's blue blade or Darth Vader's red blade, a lightsaber is one of the coolest weapons in history. The weapon is often seen in Star Wars films, but it also appears in several books and comics.

In the Star Wars novels, Rey wields a Skywalker Lightsaber, but it is not the same one that Luke used in Episode IV. It is a different model. In the original trilogy, Luke used the blue lightsaber, which he was given by a surrogate father figure.

After the destruction of the Empire, Luke continued to wield the lightsaber. It's also used in the film The Mandalorian, which starred Tarre Vizsla as the first Mandalorian inducted into the Jedi Order.

Darth Bane: Path of Destruction​

Described as a "solid space adventure," Darth Bane: Path of Destruction is one of the most popular Star Wars books around. This is because it adds a new twist to the Expanded Universe. Its story is told from the point of view of a bad guy. The novel reveals a lot about the dark side of the Force.

The story follows a young miner named Des as he travels to Korriban to study at a Sith academy. There, he must learn how to use the Force. He also must renounce his former self and become a Sith.

Darth Bane: Shadows of the Empire​

Described as the "greatest Sith lord of all time," Darth Bane was a twisted genius who became the leader of the Sith. He is credited with establishing the "Rule of Two," which states that only one Sith master and one apprentice can be active at a time in the galaxy.

While he grew older, Darth Bane became increasingly concerned about the competition among Sith lords. He grew to distrust Zannah, his second Sith apprentice. He feared she would not be able to fulfill her legacy.

When Darth Krayt takes more than one apprentice, Darth Bane condemns him. He begins to develop his own plan to destroy the Sith. His plan includes indoctrinating a new Sith apprentice, Githany.

Darth Bane: Heir to the Empire​

Whether you've been a Star Wars fan since the beginning, or are just now getting into the franchise, there is a good chance that you have heard of "Heir to the Empire." It's one of the most important books ever written about the franchise, and it introduced us to Grand Admiral Thrawn, the first Sith Lord in the series.

But did you know that "Heir to the Empire" is actually the first of a trilogy? The second book is called "Heir to the Empire: The Fall of the First Sith Order," and the third is titled "Heir to the Empire: The Rise of the Second Sith Order."

Despite the fact that "Heir to the Empire" and "Heir to the Empire: The Second Sith Order" are not canon, they are considered the best books about the "Star Wars" franchise. They are also some of the most popular books in the series.

Darth Bane: Fatal Alliance​

Despite being a blatant video game adaptation, Darth Bane: Fatal Alliance is a well-written novel. It features eight of the Star Wars class archetypes, including a Han Solo-like smuggler. The book also includes a primer on the expanded Star Wars universe, plus over half a dozen excerpts from popular Star Wars books.

Compared to other Star Wars novels, this one is a bit light on plot. It does, however, contain a few other impressive bits of information, including a summary of the most important Star Wars movie and a quick-and-dirty primer on the newest MMORPG.

Darth Bane: Thrawn Trilogy​

Earlier this year, Lucasfilm announced the next edition of Star Wars books. This time, the books will be adapted from a series of comics. They will include books such as Queen's Hope, Shatterpoint, Path of Destruction, and Heir to the Empire. There will also be more Star Wars Legends novels.

The new books will be written by Timothy Zahn. He is one of the most popular authors in the Star Wars franchise. His novels are full of tactical space battle scenes. They are also known for political intrigue. He has written a series of Star Wars books called the Thrawn Trilogy. This trilogy explores the life of Grand Admiral Thrawn.
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