Star Wars The Acolyte Original Series Cast Revealed
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Earlier this year, it was announced that Star Wars The Acolyte would be released on DVD and VOD, and that the cast would be revealed. Now, fans of the series have learned that Benicio Del Toro, Lee Jung-jae, and Jodie Foster are slated to star in the new film. But what does the film have in store for fans?

Jodie Foster​

Earlier this month, Disney+ announced that they were developing a new "Star Wars" series, "The Acolyte". The eight-episode series will be based on the book by author David Ebershoff and takes place in the "High Republic", a period in the early history of the galaxy where the Jedi are fighting the Empire and the rebels.

It's not yet clear when the series will be released. However, it's likely to come out in the first half of 2024 on Disney Plus. The cast for the series includes Amandla Stenberg, Lee Jung-jae, and Dafne Keen.

It will also be the first American series helmed by Lee. He's gained a lot of attention for his work...
Star Wars News from the Galaxy for April 4, 2012
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This edition we have the premier of Kinect Star Wars (finally), the celebrity hosts at Star Wars Weekends and some Celebration VII news.

Well the day finally arrived this week when Kinect Star Wars was finally released to the public after a year or so of speculation and ridicule, along with the much awaited Xbox 360 Kinect Star Wars Bundle, which includes the R2-D2 like console and the C-3PO controller, a must for any collector. As to the game itself, well it suffers from what we had heard and experienced in the preview, which is a sort of unresponsive light saber that only seems to know two moves, up and down and left and right. It is not as fluent as you would think the saber would be. I guess that was to keep it sort of “on the rails” as it were and make it easier for kids to play. The rest of it seemed alright controller wise, and oddly enough, the dancing seemed to be the most responsive. That is probably because the Kinect is so good at that sort of motion...
Star Wars News from the Galaxy for February 4, 2012
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This edition we feature what happened when a guy wielded his lightsaber in a retail store, a new kid featurette advertising Phantom Menace 3D and a new Star Wars Volkswagen Super Bowl Ad.

You may remember last December the case of a Portland Oregon man who went into a Toys-R-Us and started attacking people with the plastic toy lightsabers they have on sale there. He hit at least one, but since they are pretty light, he didn’t really do any bodily harm.
They Don’t Call It Star WARS For Nothing…
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The franchise of Star Wars is obviously very big business and it has provided not only entertainment for the masses, but actual firepower to use on the battlefield of gaming consoles. Could Star Wars: The Old Republic put a serious dent in World of Warcraft, continuing the fight between EA and Activision/Blizzard? The bitter feud is sometimes as interesting to watch as the Star Wars saga itself. But make no mistake. The only one laughing his way to the bank might be Lucas.
Seth Green Sees Star Wars Sitcom in 2013
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Going to be a sitcom, there is. Funny, it will be. Sorry, I was suddenly possessed by Yoda. But there is a situation comedy being mapped out by Seth Green with the endorsement of the man himself, George Lucas, or at least his licensing department. And the target date is in the next two years, give or take a year or so. Green wouldn’t be more specific.

If you haven’t heard the name Seth Green, he is quite the accomplished actor doing stints in movies like Scooby Doo and playing Oz in the ever popular Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series, but he’s probably best known these days for two things. One is that he is the voice of Chris Griffin in Fox’s irreverent comedy Family Guy and he is the co-creator of Cartoon Network’s Robot Chicken. Interestingly, both series have done spoofs of the Star Wars saga that were really hilarious.

While Family Guy is more of Seth McFarlane’s thing, although I can’t see Green not having some input there, Robot Chicken is more his...
Funny Star Wars Videos
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Today we are going to look at some of the funnier videos on YouTube in relation to Star Wars from Darth Vader acting like an idiot to 34 Star Wars voices. Let’s get started.

Our first video goes behind the scenes of the Blu-Ray edition with Darth Vader, who is called in to record the famed line from Return of the Jedi. You know the one. The one we all hate where he says “Noooooo!” as he throws Palpatine off the balcony. But it seems Vader does not want to say the line and tries to sabotage the recording. So now we join Vader in the studio for an inside look at the making of the Blu-Ray edition…


This next one is a two part video that shows a very talented young man named tideyodie on YouTube. He can do 34 different voices from the Star Wars saga including all of the best known like General Grievous, Han Solo, Yoda, Obi-Wan (his Ewan McGregor impression is spot on), C3-PO and...
New Star Wars Transformer Action Figures
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Hasbro, who makes a ton of licensed toys for the Star Wars brand is once again mixing two popular action series together with some new action figures that allow Darth Vader and others to transform into their related ships.

We always knew that all that extra hardware on Vader’s chest did more than just help him breathe and now this figure demonstrates the additional parts he can add on. He’s not exactly the Dark Lord as we know him. He’s been buffed up in a Mech suit that allows him to turn into a Sith Fighter, by bending his appendages and probably yelling “Owwwwwww!” Okay, he doesn’t actually make a noise, but if Lucas keeps up, he probably will. Anyway, he wouldn’t be complete without his light saber, but in this one, he actually gets two, one for each hand. The weapons look like they have to be dropped, however, for the transformation to into ship to go smoothly.

And on the Jedi side of things is a Council member who was much more active in the Clone...
Harrison Ford Settles Score with Chewbacca
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On ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, they had Harrison Ford on to promote his new movie Cowboys & Aliens. But while in the dressing room, he meets with a rather old friend, or at least we thought they were old friends.

Apparently Chewbacca has been a very naughty wookie over the years, according to the Kimmel skit written by C&A director Jon Favreau. The famed fuzzball has allegedly been sleeping with Ford’s wife and she is still coughing up hairballs, which is a little disgusting. Anyway, he comes to apologize to Ford while he’s in the makeup chair getting ready for the Kimmel taping. But it’s pretty clear that the ex-Han Solo is having nothing more to do with him. In fact, he’s mad from the moment his past partner walks into the room. Props to the hairdresser who hides with his ears cowered on the couch. Ford tells Chewy that he is done with the Star Wars crap and he’s done with him. And no, this has nothing to do with Peter Mayhew, but the actual...
Star Wars Comic-Con Wrap Up
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Well as we mentioned in earlier articles, there were several panels surrounding Star Wars and the revelations were interesting to say the least about the Lucas empire. We’ll touch on a few of them right here.

Of course, the big news for gaming fans was Kinect Star Wars, which was finally given a release timeframe of Christmas 2011 although there was no specific date. They showed off a new portion of the game that included pod racing where gamers could race as any of the characters and over 20 pods on a variety of courses. In this one, you’ll even be able to play the Sebulba trick of actually throwing things at your opponent to wreck their racer. You can do all of this, as well as yielding a light saber, driving a flying car, and more with the Kinect motion tracking system that is only on the Xbox 360. The Star Wars Bundle, announced at the show, will include a R2D2 modded Xbox 360, a C3PO modded controller and a white cased Kinect to match, as well as two...
Lego Star Wars Coming to TV
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Star Wars and Lego have always had a good relationship with each other and there are many, many sets based on the Star Wars Universe in both the original films, the prequels, and the Clone Wars. The movies are now featured attractions at a couple different Legolands and the company’s video game offerings based on Lucas’ vision have delighted the young and old alike. But now Lego will be venturing into a new media, one we haven’t seen from them before.

Lego, who knows an untapped empire when they see it, has revealed at the latest licensing expo that they have been working with Lucas on creating a TV show based on Lego Star Wars. The one shot special, which is said to be airing sometime this fall, will feature more characters from the new films, than the old. In other words, younger Obi-Wan, Darth Maul, and Yoda, will take the leads in this story.

We think this could be a lot of fun. If you’ve played the games, you’ll know the animation is top notch and we...
George Lucas Speaks on Star Wars The Live Action Show
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George Lucas, who appeared on G4 as part of the promotion of the Star Tours II ride, talked about the live action Star Wars TV Show and it’s not good news for the fans.

The Star Wars creator says that they have 50 hours of script written for the show, but the pages play out just like a regular feature film. And this means that in order to create the effects and stage the production of such a show, it would require a huge budget, and it’s not something television networks can afford at this point. The only way, Lucas reckons, is to figure out a way to make movies cheaper and thus bring the cost level down to something practical. He says that once that process is figured out, that it will change how movies are made and then it will be time for the TV show to get a second look.

Hopefully now with Star Tours out of the way and the process finalized for 3D conversion of the films that Industrial Light and Magic can get to the task of where to cut enough corners...
Star Wars Weekends Start May 20 22
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Just thought we would do an update on the Star Wars Weekends at Disney Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World in Florida since tomorrow (May 20th) is the start. There are a lot of cool events going on.

Star Tours II: The Adventures Continue will be making it’s official debut with a galactic sized opening ceremony including as we’ve said Anthony Daniels (C3PO) and if rumor is true, George Lucas. There will no doubt also be dignitaries and executives from both Disney and LucasArts on hand, as well as costumed characters that will bring out the pageantry. The spectacle will be broadcast live over Disney Park’s YouTube Channel and the official Facebook page at 10am ET on May 20th.

Other events that will be each day of the weekends are not being simulcasted, but will no doubt wind up on YouTube. These include the Hyperspace Hoopla, a dance competition for Star Wars characters like Darth Vader, Princess Leia and others old and new, the Padawan Mind Challenge and...
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